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Do you have to hit rock bottom or experience some type of devastating loss?

Financial Fuss

Welcome, dear friends and readers to my new blog! This blog will deal with finances and most importantly, it will help you with your financial problems that might bother you.

Does the thought of budgeting for the month scare you? Are you afraid that financial freedom is something you will never obtain? If so, you have come to the right place.

Here you will find countless tips, resources and informational articles regarding finances. This information is meant to guide and help you make sense of an otherwise confusing financial world.

What We Offer

When you visit our blog on a regular basis, you will quickly discover we provide information and tips on a number of different hot financial topics, which include:

• Creating a budget
• Investing in your future
• Insurance
• Savings, coupons, and discounts
• Investing
• Hiring a personal investor

…and more.

What You Won’t Find

While we offer countless articles, blogs, and resources to help guide your financial future, there are a few things you will not find published here:

• Get rich quick schemes
• Ways to “dupe” your creditors
• Advice that may put you in more trouble than you were before

The Ultimate goal of this blog is to help inform you about the world of finance. We want to offer information that will help guide your decisions and enhance your financial portfolio.

Finding Your Financial Path

Everyone has individual financial goals. You may want to save for retirement or for your kid’s future. You may just want to get out of debt to purchase a new home. We will not only guide your financial decisions, the information you will find here will also help you set financial goals.
In addition to informational resources, you will also find a number of tools that will help you determine what you need to do to reach your goals. We don’t want you floundering around trying to determine what is real, accurate advice and what is false. This is why we offer accurate, double-checked information in every piece that is published.

Our blogs are full of information and resources you can rely on. Are you looking for a way to save or choose a savings account? Research options here. Do you want to get started in the stock market, read an informative blog about this? Are you curious about mortgage rates? You can likely find an easy to use and understand mortgage calculator here.
When we say we want to help your financial journey, we mean it. We won’t show you how to cut corners, which will definitely cause trouble down the road, but we will take you step by step through the process of what you need to do for your financial venture.

The Goal of Our Blog

In addition to fact-checked information, you will also find a number of personal stories and experiences. These are stories offered to us by people who have suffered financial struggles, or who saw impressive financial successes. They are meant to help you and motivate you to find your own financial foothold.

Be sure to check in with our blog on a regular basis to learn about the latest things that are happening in the world of finance. We are dedicated to bringing you up-to-date information that will help you meet your financial goals – whatever they may be.
We are ready to get financially fit and hope you will join along and learn about the world of finance, investing, saving money and more.

Everything You Need To Know About Loans And Credit


I know too many people who got themselves in financial trouble simply because they weren’t informed on loans and credit prior to going to a bank. It really pays off to put some have effort into researching, reading and learning more about credits and loans, before you go to the bank to get a loan. The first thing you would want to do is learn more about how all the system functions and more about the general terms that are used.

For example, do you know what credit is? Credit is simply the reputation that you have as someone who is a potential loan user or borrower. Your bank will be very much interested in learning more about your credit reputation and this will provide them with sufficient information to make a decision on whether or not they should in fact borrow you their money. Your history of taking loans or borrowing money, gives your bank sufficient information whether you are the best opportunity for them to invest their finances. In fact, even if you have a bad credit you can still get a loan, although not all bank clerks will be jumping up and down with excitement to give you one. Rather, I you will have to use a strategy to get a loan if your credit is not entirely perfect.

That being said, if you are too worried that your credit is bad you can relax a little, since you will definitely find a lender that will be willing to provide you with loan, even if you have a bad credit. Make sure that you try out your luck with several different lenders, prior to finally giving up on the idea of finding someone will be willing to invest.

On the other hand, even if everything else fails there are still ways for you to improve your credit abilities. If you would like to rebuild your credit reputation, I also have some useful ideas that might help you.

Firstly, you will have to learn how to be responsible with money and make good investments. You should make a decision to really stick to making regular payments and this is well help you establish a positive credit history with your bank. Over time you could build a good reputation which will definitely resonate with your potential lenders, and they will disregard your bad credit as a thing of the past. Also, make sure that you learn from your previous mistakes and make sound judgments when it comes to your future investments.

Secondly, you can always try to get a secured loan. In other words, this is a loan which is backed up by some of your property. For example, you can back up a loan with your car, or your house. If you have managed to establish an incredibly bleak credit history, a lender will take their time to decide whether they should give you an unsecured loan, especially if you’re asking for a larger sum of money. However, if you try to get a secured loan, they might be much more generous and willing to give you one, despite your credit history.