Applying for a tax ID in Minnesota

Anyone who lives in Minnesota, or Minnesota businesses, will have to apply for a tax ID. Doing so can be frustrating, especially as the government’s website does not make it easy.

Thankfully, it can be done much easier by using the website of a private company and avoiding the Minnesota tax authorities’ completely.

How to find a company to help with a Minnesota tax ID — A quick Internet search will lead you to a plethora of companies that will allow you to apply for a Minnesota tax ID online. The whole process takes just a few minutes, and costs just a few dollars.

Just be sure to also run a search on any company you choose, so that you can find out about their reputation and their fees before you register with one.

How does the process work? — All it takes is completing a short application form, which is similar to the one you would complete on the tax authorities’ website. The difference is any company you choose makes it easier for you to complete. They also do all the submittal work after your application has been completed.

What do you need to give them? — Any company you choose will only ask for simple information. It will include personal information like address and telephone number, information about your company if you own one and what it sells. Once you have furnished this information, you sign the application with a digital signature, pay the low fee and submit your application form.

You will then receive an email confirming your application for tax ID in Minnesota has been forwarded to the relevant authorities. The next time you hear anything about your tax ID is when it arrives in your email box. Usually within a few days.

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